The Demon White Tiger

About the Artwork

White Demon Tiger 毛毛白虎 , as a necessary prop during the “insects awakening” day, it is, however, is regarded as a taboo in an ordinary day. As now presented as such an adorable format of the plush doll, I attempt to transform the taboo to be loveable consumer goods and sets to challenge the traditional thought of Chinese people under the contemporary society with western influence. 

Oct, 2014
Artwork and Concept
Quit Job Make Art
Produce, Art Direction
Soft cloth, Silkscreen, Plush doll
Small: 15 x 13 x 5cm
Large: 90 x 50 x 30cm

Artist Statement

There are many Chinese in Hong Kong who scare of the China custom traditional sacred objects such as the ‘Demon White Tiger’. It is because it represents some kind of devils or evils. On the contrary, they usually beg it seriously for helping to solve some difficulties or against the people who will bad to them. People are rarely talking or even worship it such as the other Legend Gods or idols because they all know it is very ridiculous and is superstitious thinking.

The White Demon Tiger 毛毛白虎 represents some kinds of contradiction mind in Idolatry of Chinese. We won’t devote or worship it in an ordinary day. We just joke, laugh, or even ignore it at all. However, on the day of ‘insects awakening’, people’s attitude will be changed by begging it to help us. We scare it but not worship it. The tiger helps us to against the petty people, but we don’t treat it as our friend. We believe that it could help us, but it just only made by a paper plate.

If it becomes a knitted doll or consumer goods, would it be changed in people’s minds? Would the tiger knitted doll be hugged in our arms or laying on our couches or beds? Would it be a playmate or toy in a girl’s hands? Would it be accepted even its appearance is very terrible and not cutie like other dolls? This object is raising the question about the habitual feeling and beliefs in the Chinese mind.

Consignment of G.O.D. Stores


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