Greenwoods Raw Cafe

About the Brand

Greenwoods 綠野林 is not just a company which offering healthy services to customers, it is definitely a peaceful holistic wellness platform for people to nurture their life in the natural ways, and connect their body-mind-soul in the hustle & bustle Hong Kong. This company is also the 1st raw vegan cafe in Hong Kong & China. There’s also an organic shop for aligning people’s connection of body-mind-soul. This promotion project is about to raise the awareness of this ground breaking culinary course in raw food era.

June, 2018
Concept, Design, Artwork
Greenwoods Raw Cafe
Quit Job Make Art
Design, Production, Art Direction
Skills and Softwares -
Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography

Greenwoods Raw Cafe is a brand that to advocate raw food consuming in Hong Kong. In order to attract attention in public about not only the raw food campaign in the world, it also provokes customers curiosity on this course about how the delicious culinary could be processed at home.

This promotion campaign involved different aspects on concept development to create unique and authentic marketing materials. We also provide the strategy package included leaflet production, poster design and tabletop gourmets photography to stimulate the effect.


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