About the Brand

Greenwoods 綠野林 is not just a company which offering healthy services to customers, it is definitely a peaceful holistic wellness platform for people to nurture their life in the natural ways, and connect their body-mind-soul in the hustle & bustle Hong Kong. This booklet design project mainly converges the philosophy and vision, in order to improve the brand impression of a raw food restaurant to customers.

June, 2019
Concept, Design, Artwork
Greenwoods raw cafe
Quit Job Make Art
Production, Art Direction
Skills and Softwares -
Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography

To achieve the best quality, detailed communication is essential. The booklet is about a full list order menu and gathers magazine-style contents and healthy information of raw gourmets. Sleek, clean, and stylish with a well-publishing sense is the crucial element of this printed matter.


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