About the Project

eSix is formed by expertise with extensive experience in 5G network technology and innovative capabilities. They create network technology products for Industrial, Enterprise, and Internet Service Providers, driven by the goal of connecting everything, everyone in everywhere effortlessly in an intelligent and sustainable way..

May, 2021
Concept, Design
eSix Co. Ltd.
Quit Job Make Art
Produce, Art Direction
CMS, WordPress

Working with the startup team at eSix Limited, we were able to craft a totally brand new website that captures the aesthetic of the technology while being informative for their customers. Full of on-brand visual elements and clear messaging in the cutting-edge communication technology, this site was a total success that has provided the eSix team with a stunning online presence.

We dedicated to implementing full-stack web development including the HTML 5 responsive design which is appealable in all mobile devices. The informative illustrations and infographics in the frontend, along with the backend CMS, SEO, Google Analytics, and support services are also included.


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