China Ting Group

About the Project Founded in 1992, China Ting Group Holdings Limited is a vertically-integrated garment manufacturer, exporter and retailer with global offices and design facilities in Hong Kong, China, U.S.A. and Europe. A winning combination of factories equipped with ‘Industry 4.0’ latest technology, expert management, financial stability, and strong business acumen has made China Ting a partner of choice.
July, 2024
Concept, Design
China Ting Group
Quit Job Make Art
Produce, Art Direction
CMS, WordPress

I have discussed with the client on the theme and artistic approach of the art space style and came up with the modernity and simple aesthetics driven as the basic requirement. Apart, the responsive CMS websites fulfilled the requirement of the client who wants to build up a fashionable and well-established style. I provide the HTML 5 responsive design; which supports desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Besides, backend CMS, SEO, Google Analytics, and support services are also included.

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